Every year, millions of young and old punk rockers alike disappear for a month at the closing of summer. It is said that this species migrate to man-caves and pillow forts right before their month long hibernation. Not much is known about this group, other than their famous mantra: “Wake me up when September ends.”

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Queen of the rabbit teeth
Volunteers of America always has the best shoes <3 

Today I was out in this big ol’ city with some friends and these guys I didn’t know joined our group. After a few minutes one of them asked me about my photo work. He was so amazing and nice! A few other people at the place approached me too and asked me about some of the modeling I do and whatnot. I freaking love all of you oh my god. Sorry for sounding like a total geek right now but literally, when people come up and talk to me it’s such a wonderful experience. I promise I won’t bite if you ever see me running around this town and want to talk! I’m really awkward and shy sometimes (like all the time) so you can expect that. But I cannot stress how much I appreciate all of you. I wish I could give you all hugs! 

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Dream Fortress 
beach side hangs
More Indian Caverns
Sometimes I see trees like this and I wonder if the couples are still together.
Some stuff that I’m slapping onto my purse. The hit clips still work too! The Aaron Carter one is my favorite. 
I was trying to make some kandi and 90s themed stuff for my friend and my cat decided to plop it down in my work space. Haha I love this little dude.