- Day was pretty stellar.
Worst Kept Secret Fest- Turtle Island
Q: That is too cool! I'll have to look for them the next time I go to the mall! Had you ever seen the Soul Monsters before? The lead singer was one of my really good friends growing up, and I finally got the chance to see them play! They were amazing, but it makes me really sad that Chris doesn't make eye contact during shows :( That's usually my favorite part!

Friday was my first time seeing Soul Monsters. They were epic. Definitely looking forward to going to more of their shows.

Haha I think Chris was dancing too much to make eye contact.  

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Q: Did you by any chance see the Soul Monsters play a show on Friday? Because the vending machine shirt/ choker combo has a very similar vibe as what this girl I saw was wearing, plus I just really want to know where you got the choler from...

Yeah! Soul Monsters at Kitamu. I work there :) That was such a fantastic concert. If you were there, I was the girl in the def leppard tee and combat boots getting DOWN. haha. I think I was wearing my black tattoo choker that night? I don’t remember.

I get all of my chokers from Claire’s, Ohio Thrift or Volunteers of America.

The 90s grunge tattoo chokers I found at Claire’s for like, a dollar each. They also had rainbow ones and clear ones :3

Generally Volunteers of America has good vintage-metal chokers while Ohio thrift has the fun happy meal-plastic necklaces.

Hope that helps :D

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- Amaury; good friend and one of my favorite people to photograph. 
- Did an interview with the lovely Anna today!
Reasons why I’m single, round one.
The one place in town where not a soul lingers and I can blast all the David Bowie my little heart desires.
- Day off today! Spent walking around the city with a lovely tattooed boy.